I highly recommend this hotel, the best combination of price and quality (spent a week, I can judge adequately), the rooms are large equipped with everything you need, there is even a coffee machine, and the jacuzzi in each room is very clean and tidy, cleaned every day. The staff is friendly, especially reception workers, willing to help in any matter, there was a case when the administrator in private time, on her own transport took me to the place I needed, free of charge, etc ..., very nice, thank you very much. Separately, I want to note the work of the chef (unfortunately I don’t remember the name), the food that this master cooks is always fresh and just cooked (not warmed), but the main difference is that it is extremely tasty (try stuffed vegetables, very tasty, and all the rest is the mind of eat), tried to eat in the nearest cafes, just threw out the money. Prices are reasonable at an average level. I advise everyone !!!


Good day friends, I spent a week at this hotel, an excellent combination of price and quality, plus breakfast. The rooms are all clean, cleaned every day, provide all the hygiene products in the flesh to a disposable razor and sponge for shoes. Separately, I want to note the work of administrators, very pleasant and helpful people ready to help on any issue (for example: they helped me to see all the sights of the city, on my personal car they took me to the place of interest, absolutely free, etc.) Food: do not look and do not go to any cafes and restaurants, the hotel has an excellent chef, I don’t remember what my name is, cooks anything and VERY tasty, the gourmet himself, and nevertheless was gastronomically pleasantly surprised (ask for vegetables stuffed with meat , her crown, you will not regret) In general, after work, ran to the hotel knowing that something tasty is waiting for you (not warmed, but freshly cooked). And here's another thing, in each room is a train, it is certainly not necessary, but still nice. I advise everyone

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